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Next shows:

29th October - 2nd November, 7.30pm

Lion and Unicorn Theatre, Kentish Town

Previous shows:

New Normal Fest, Wandsworth - 13th August

Vault Festival (cancelled - Covid unforch) - 18th/19th March

Camden People's Theatre - 9th March

“Stand up’s confessional, right?"

Stand up is the outlet that keeps her sane in her day job. But the nature of the game is to turn your life into punchlines. How can you be funny and hide it all when all you’re feeling underneath is sadness?

“In some ways I wanted my therapist to watch me so he can see how FUCKING HILARIOUS I AM and in others I thought how odd it would be performing to someone who’s seen so far behind my mask. Would he even find it funny or just sit there knowing what I was hiding?”

Ellipsis explores how to deal with grief, be authentic, and still be funny.

Direction and emotional support -  Eleanor Rushton

Associate Producer - Jenny Kassner

Dramaturg - Josh Roche

Sound Design - Seah Hotson

Photos - Marian Feijo Fernandes

With in kind support from Camden People's Theatre, gratefully received.


References suicide, bereavement, extensive content about grief & mental health, all the good shit!

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