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Isabelle is a British Lebanese actor, comedian, and writer. Following an undergraduate degree in French and Film Studies, she trained as a classical actress. She started doing comedy in 2016 and has since gigged across the UK and internationally. She has taken two shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, Ellipsis (2021) and irresponsabelle (2022). She is in demand as a voice artist, and in addition to commercial work and audiobooks, has narrated two critically acclaimed documentaries for TV.

Awards mean nothing. But...
Funny Women Stage Semi Finalist - 2021
Screenshot Writer/Performer Commendee - 2020
Funny Women Shorts Prize Finalist - 2020

Sue Terry for Voice Work
Suzanne Ford @ CVGG for Commercials
Contact via form below for anything else!

When she's not talking about herself in the third person or being funny for money she likes listening to politics podcast (I know, I know) watching MAFSA, and being held accountable by the Duolingo owl. In case it wasn't obvious, she lives in North London and reads The Guardian.



Isabelle Farah: Nebuchadnezzar

My new  (third! THIRD?!) hour. A comedy storytelling hour set in ancient Babylon. About Nebuchadnezzar (Nobu) and Amytis, how they meet, fall in love, how they eventually fall in love despite their differences. There will be silly wigs, silly voices, silly references, irreverences, a eunuch called Jeff, and a happy ending. There might be a song at some point.

It's Blackadder meets Aladdin, Monty Python meets Bab al Harra.

EDINBURGH FRINGE 31st JULY - 25th AUGUST (not 12, 19, 20 August)

Go here for more deets.


I do lots of stand up gigs - sometimes I put them on insta but often I don't because that is just too much admin.

If you're INDUSTRY and would like to WATCH A CLIP please message on here or DM on insta.

If you are not a murderer and would like to come and see me live in your city DM me on insta and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Home: What's New
Home: What's New


Ellipsis is my one woman comedy show about grief and grieving. Like all of the best things it is both sad and funny!

Previously at Vault 2023,  Underbelly/EdFringe (August 2022), Pleasance London (February 2022) Soho Theatre (October 2021) Assembly Roxy @ EdFringe (August 2021) Southwark Playhouse (July 2021) The Lion and Unicorn Theatre (November 2020) The New Normal Festival (August 2020), Camden People's Theatre (March 2020) and cancelled in lockdown week at Vault Festival 2020.

I have no plans to perform it live again (though if you are a producer interested in it, get in touch, I'm always open to conversations!)

However you can watch it here and it will be on Next Up Comedy soon!


irresponsabelle is my debut stand up hour and also my best ever wordplay.

It's an ode to all of my bad choices and an exploration of how to be a responsible adult or try very hard to be at least.

"heat-beating" - Graham Norton

"a solid torrent of laughs" - The Skinny

"a mildly despairing hour, with a simmering undercurrent of anger." - The Scotsman

All details here

Home: What's New


Here are the things I have done. A comiculum vitae (sorry.)



My career highlight is obviously playing a glazed ham in a Walkers Christmas Crisps Commercial in 2018. I have also worked at/with the BBC, Box of Tricks, Stephen Joseph Theatre, Shubbak Festival, Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, The Carriageworks (Leeds), Gate Theatre, Et Cetera Theater, Unity Theatre (Liverpool), Old Red Lion, Charing Cross, Cockpit. In addition to Arab roles, I also play girl no.2, wenches, murderers, naughty maids, neurotic mothers.

I am the face of Tena Lady in several countries. The Ham commercial is better.


Stand Up for Beirut-5057.jpg

I gig all over the country. I do basic bitch stand up, MCing, and also dabble in some character and sketch shit.

Soho Theatre Comedy Lab, 2018
Semi finalist: Funny Women Stage Award 2021, 2Northdown New Act 2019, Leicester Square 2018.

Gigs for Avalon, Assembly Fest, BlueBook, Angel, Little Wander, Glee Backyard, Mirth, Rich Mix, Arts Canteen, Jericho, Funny Women,, and more, probably, but if you're reading this far you're probably bored and already have the gist.

Get in Touch


Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 21.08.47.png


I have a pitch deck, a pilot, with moodboards etc for Ellipsis.


A short about a couple making boiled eggs. Finalist in the Funny Women Shorts competition 2020.

More projects (current at August 2023)

Nobu & Amytis

Was a sitcom, now reworking as my next live show.

Poker Faith - 8 part comedy drama

Falafel Wraps - comedy sketches/shorts

Spinsters - 8 part comedy sitcom

Orfea - 10 minute comedy short

Girlboss Rehab Show - Audio sketch show



My full CV is available if you just click here.


There are some fun bits to see and hear here. HEAR HEAR.

These are the boring bits:

Location: London/Beirut

Bases in: Manchester, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York

Height: 5'9" (175cm)

Playing Age: 28 - 34 years

Appearance: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, White

Eye Colour: Hazel

Hair Colour: Dark Brown

Hair Length: Long

Voice Character: Reassuring

Voice Quality: Velvety

Languages: English (native,) French (fully fluent,) Lebanese Arabic, Italian (conversational.) ALSO bits of Spanish and Greek.

Home: Bio
Home: Contact


Vicky @ Sue Terry Voices -

Suzanne @ CVGG Commercials -

Currently repping myself for comedy/writing/acting - give me a shout here if you need me!

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